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Meet our team

Principal Investigator

Andres Gonzalez Huertas

Dr Gonzalez is a distinguished academic and professional in the field of industrial and systems engineering. He holds two Ph.D. degrees, one in Engineering with a focus on Operations Research and Risk and Resilience from Universidad de los Andes, and another in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Infrastructure Design and Recovery and Risk and Resilience from Rice University. Additionally, he has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Universidad de los Andes.

Dr. González’s research interests are centered around developing analytical and computational tools for resilient cyber-physical-social systems under natural and human-made hazards. He also works on optimizing the design and recovery of interdependent infrastructure networks and modeling and controlling the dynamics of complex systems. Moreover, he has expertise in developing decentralized and distributed control and optimization models.

Throughout his career, Dr. González has received several awards and honors, including the 2023 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year award from The University of Oklahoma’s Latinx Coalition, the Dissertation Excellence Award for his Ph.D. students, and the Best Paper Award for his work “Interdependent Network Recovery Games” in Risk Analysis.

He serves as the Secretary of the Decision Analysis and Risk Specialty Group of The Society for Risk Analysis and has been recognized with the NSF Enabling Fellowship Award from the NSF Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Dr. González has published extensively in various forms, including refereed journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and presentations, covering a wide range of topics. His research has practical applications in pandemic policy decision-making, supply chain network restoration, infrastructure system restoration, and the optimization of interdependent network resilience.

His contributions have been acknowledged in prestigious conferences like the Annual Meeting of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) and the IEEE International Conference on Big Data.

Doctoral Students

Osamah Moshebah

Osamah Moshebah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from King Khalid University and a Master’s degree in Systems and Industrial Engineering from the University of Arizona. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Oklahoma.

As a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, Osamah’s research is centered on enhancing the resilience of multimodal supply chain transportation networks in the face of disruptive events. Osamah has a diverse range of experience in the field, having previously worked as a Planning Engineer for the Saudi Electricity Company and held key leadership positions such as Director of Public Relations at the College of Engineering at King Khalid University and Director of Initiatives and Qualitative Programs at the College of Engineering at King Khalid University. Osamah has received certification in Engineering Management from the University of Arizona and has been granted the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at King Khalid University. He has also served as a leader in various organizations, including the GCC Students Organization and the Saudi Students Association at the University of Arizona.

Himadri Sen Gupta

Himadri Sen Gupta is a Ph.D. student in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. His passion for improving community resilience shines through in his work as a Research Assistant at the OU Community Resilience Research Lab, a NIST-funded facility that is dedicated to advancing our understanding of how communities can better prepare for and recover from natural disasters. Himadri’s educational journey has been marked by exceptional achievements. He holds a master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Production Engineering from the highly regarded Khulna University of Engineering and Technology in Bangladesh. To further round out his skill set, he has also earned a graduate certification in Data Science and Analytics.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Himadri has a proven track record of making a positive impact on the lives of others. As an instructor of Industrial and Production Engineering at the Military Institute of Science and Technology, he inspired and mentored students for two years. He is also actively involved in the student community, participating in organizations such as the IISE OU Student Chapter, INFORMS OU Student Chapter, and APICS OU Student Chapter, which allow him to connect with like-minded individuals and further his professional development.

Marybeth Potter Radtke

Marybeth Radtke is the Director of Advanced Manufacturing (AdvM) for the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex (OC-ALC), Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.  For this newly created position, she oversees the OC-ALC AdvM to ensure integration of Complex efforts to build capability, capacity, and market share in order to mitigate supply chain shortfalls and reduce overall maintenance costs.  The OC-ALC is creating an AdvM ecosystem with Academia, Industry, and DoD collaboration in order to integrate AdvM into the AF Supply Chain, align AdvM activities to fill technical gaps, and utimately enable AdvM Production.

Mrs. Radtke has over 20 years of government service and private industry experience.  She began her career in 1997 as a mechanical engineer at Whiteman AFB, Missouri.  She has served in a broad range of Air Force leadership assignments such as Chief Engineer for two OC-ALC Groups as well as in Lockheed Martin – Owego.

Current position: Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex (OC-ALC) Advanced Manufacturing Director


2023 Military Additive Manufacturing Summit

2020 Defense Advanced Material Summit

Samuel Rodríguez-González

Samuel Rodriguez holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, as well as a M.Sc. in Data Science and Analytics from the University of Oklahoma. Currently, Samuel is pursuing a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, while also being a Ph.D. student in Engineering at Universidad de los Andes. Samuel’s research focus is on Mixed-Integer Bilevel Linear Programming, where he has applied these frameworks to energy pricing problems and Principal-Agent Problems in Public Private Partnerships. He also works on the fair scarce resource allocation problem using mathematical programming, and he also has works addressing multi-agent decision problems over time using approximate dynamic programming and reinforcement learning techniques. In his free time, Samuel enjoys exercising, particularly crossfit, and is passionate about everything related to black holes, cosmology, and quantum physics.

Current position: Graduate Assistant, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Oklahoma


INFORMS Annual Meeting 2022

IISE Annual Meeting 2022

Tanmoy Palit

Tanmoy Palit completed a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Production Engineering from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sylhet, Bangladesh. Now he is a Ph.D. student in the School of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. Before starting his Ph.D., he worked for three years in the project management division of a reputed pharmaceutical company named Beximco Pharma in Bangladesh.

Tanmoy’s interest in research lies in the application of optimization and data analytics in the fields of sustainability and resilience. He is passionate about working toward social & environmental sustainability and making the world a better place for the future. He has a diverse range of interests, including traveling, music, football, and theatre, and also has a keen interest in geography, world history, and contemporary events.

Daniel Cabrera

Daniel Cabrera is a graduate, both undergraduate and master’s, of the industrial engineering program of the University of Los Andes, Colombia. His studies have focused on the use of linear programming and machine learning tools to provide solutions to real life situations. He also has 4 years of experience using supervised and unsupervised learning models within the banking sector in his country. Currently, he is beginning his studies for a PhD degree in industrial engineering at the University of Oklahoma. Among his hobbies are sports, reading suspense novels and series.

Master Students

Diego Hernandez

Diego Hernandez is a Petroleum Engineer from the Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia. His research interests are related to healthcare and energy. Currently, he is a student in the Master’s program in Data Science and Analytics at the University of Oklahoma, working on the OU/UNSA project. In his free time, Diego enjoys hiking, playing chess, and traveling

Former Students

Doctoral Students

Alireza Rangrazjeddi

Alireza Rangrazjeddi defended his dissertation and completed all the requirements for his Ph.D. program in Summer 2023. In Fall 2023, he will join Vanderbilt University as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His Ph.D. research at the University of Oklahoma focused on developing novel algorithms for decentralized systems, with applications to optimal restoration of a system of interdependent infrastructure networks under imperfect information, optimal rerouting of airplanes under collision risk, and optimal production planning and protection against disinformation.

Mastoor Abushaega

During his Ph. D. research, Mastoor developed fundamental models to quantify and enhance the fairness in a transportation system. In his research, he proposed a modeling approach maximize the fairness in a transportation system, with respect to how much a disrupted event may affect the different supply, demand, or transshipment nodes.  Immediately after his Ph.D. graduation, Mastoor accepted a position as a faculty member (tenure track) at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. He currently is the Chairman of the Department of Industrial Engineering.

Nafiseh Ghorbani-Renani

Nafiseh Ghorbani-Renani received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in industrial engineering, respectively from Yazd University in Iran and UTM University in Malaysia. She completed the Ph.D. in industrial and systems engineering at the University of Oklahoma in Summer 2021. During her Ph.D. studies, she integrated operations research and computing tools to address the problem of risk and resilience control of interconnected networks (e.g. interdependent infrastructure networks, production networks, supply chain and transshipment networks) against failures or the risk of delays. Her work in this area has appeared in Reliability Engineering and System Safety and Computers and Industrial Engineering, among others. While at OU, Nafiseh was a member of the leadership team of the OU student chapter of INFORMS and represented the School of ISE in the Graduate Student Senate.

Master Students

Noah Bridges

Noah Bridges is a master’s student at the University of Oklahoma studying Data Science and Analytics. He obtained his undergraduate degrees from the University of Oklahoma in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Mathematics. His research focuses on modeling complex systems (like financial networks and epidemics) using methods with roots in the modeling dynamical systems to better understand the underlying dynamics that drive the behavior of complex systems.

Current position: Master’s Student, Data Science and Analytics, The University of Oklahoma 

Taoufik Zormati

Taoufik studied Engineering and Applied Mathematics at Polytech Clermont (France) and completed his M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering at OU. His research focused on understanding and modeling the effects of corporate networks and their topology over the performance and resilience of individual companies and economic sectors.

Tasfiq Alam

Tasfiq studied Industrial Engineering at the University of South Florida, and completed his M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering at OU. His M.S. research centered on evaluating and improving the efficiency of academic units, so that they can enhance their performance. For his work, Tasfiq used Data Envelopment Analysis in conjunction with investment optimization models.

Rasha Jnad

Rasha’s MS thesis, titled “Fairness-based Transportation Resilience for Communities under Tsunami Hazard,” centered on developing a mathematical model to support the efficient evacuation of communities under tsunami hazard, seeking to give evacuees equal access to emergency facility centers and assembly areas, reducing the number of casualties, and enhancing the ability to provide adequate resources.

Tarun Adluri

Tarun’s MS thesis, titled “Multi-objective optimization of building mitigation strategies to address multiple hazards,” centered on determining the most effective mitigation strategies for communities in a multi-hazard environment, subject to a given budget. The proposed approach facilitates the integration of models built by specialists in the fields of social science and civil engineering to construct a multi-objective optimization model, considering economic, social, and physical performance metrics. Tarun’s thesis was award the best MS thesis at the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering in 2021.

Undergraduate Students

Ilia Rivera

Ilia was an undergraduate exchange student at OU from Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), Colombia. Her research interests are optimizing the performance and resilience of agricultural supply chains, and enhancing fairness in rural communities